Cuno/3M Retrofit Compatible Water Filter Cartridge – AP8000/AP8112

Cuno/3M Retrofit Compatible Water Filter Cartridge - AP8000/AP8112

So you want to replace your Cuno 3M Retrofit Water Filter Cartridge – AP8000/AP8112 but can’t find a supplier?

Here! We will explain all about the water filter cartridge that replaces your AP8112.

The Water Filter Replacement Cartridge AP8112 reduces Dirt, Sediment, Chlorine, Unpleasant Taste & Odours and has a life of 12 Months.

This filter has a special key in the head that makes it unique.

Which is why, there are only a few filters out there that can replace this filter.

Cuno 3M Retrofit Substitutes

Omnipure CK-Series Filters are the most popular inline filters to replace the AP8112 Filter Cartridge.

This is because Omnipure manufactures all the filters in the USA, and all the filters are NSF 42 and NSF 53 certified.

These certifications prove the safety of the manufacturing materials and the removal efficiency of the filters. See Certified Products List.

The CK5620 Model is one of the most common substitutes for the 3M Cuno Aqua Pure AP8112.

This filter has a pore size of 1 Micron, which is smaller compared to the 5 Micron pore size of the 3M Cuno.

This means that in terms of mechanical filtration. The CK5620 removes more sediments and also filters out parasites and Volatile Organic Compounds.

These are commonly found in tap water and are known to cause many health issues.

The CK5620 is also preferred because can be replaced every 12 Months and has a 3,000 gallons capacity.