Omnipure Replacement Filters Australia


Omnipure Replacement Filters Australia

All Omnipure Replacement Filter Models are finally available in Australia. 

Omnipure, a world wide known brand, manufactures its filters in Idaho, USA.

Makes quality water filters for specialised needs, from filter elements for housings to inline water filters.

Replacement Filter Types

Inline water filters are Omnipure speciality. Inline filters are manufactured for easy maintenance and service.

Omnipure CL Series 10" × 2" Granular Activated Carbon Inline Filter, 1500 gal, 1/4" FNPT
Inline Water Filter

Here are a few categories available in the inline water filters range:

However, the fees to maintain an inline filter are high compared to the low fees to replace filter elements for housings.

Omnipure OMB Series 9" x 2.5" Carbon block Filter Cartridge, 15000 gal, 1 Micron
Filter Elements For Housings

Here are a few categories available in the filter elements for housings range:

Today, Omnipure has produced over 200 different types of filters with all sizes and different filtration media types to meet different needs. See Omnipure Nomenclature.

Filters in the inside combine different filtration medias to remove specific contaminants from water.

This is because the concentration of contaminants in the water vary significantly from place to place. 


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